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la TMS partecipa al Global Compact

H.E. Ban KI-moon
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,
I am pleased to confirm that TMS supports the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
TMS claimed to have signed the Global Compact of the United Nations and from 2016 it is registered as a supporting member. The Milan and Rome training company joins with 4 thousand participants in what will be the largest initiative on international corporate social responsibility.
TMS will promote the United Nation Global Compact within the Italian context, to facilitate participants implementation of (and reporting on) the ten principles and create opportunities for multi-stakeholder collective actions.
The aim initiative is that to creation a profitable business with responsible methods. The technological changes and new behaviors of customers have completely transformed the way of business energy industry. We are living a big transition in the field of energy and it is changing the old paradigm. We would like to change the world, starting from ourselves, and we believe, we can do it. The partnership between public and private organization are crucial for this goal.

The TMS modus operandi, according to the sustainable view, includes many different approach:

  • In office, we have reduced the use of paper to encouraging the digitalization process. The educational material provided to our students is in digital format, like the certificates we issue at the end of the course. The printer toners are assimilate in a special waste basket, ready to the specific disposal. We have also introduced the use of recycled paper and the recycling box of plastic caps.

  • TMS classrooms have an automated system that allows to implement a considerable energy saving policy.

  • TMS offices in Milan and Rome are located in the city center to permit employees to reach by public transport. Specifically the Milan office is located near to bike sharing stations.

  • For Christmas time, TMS instead of giving material gift for its employees, makes donations to cooperation and environment associations. This charitable approach is combined with the ethics of our company.